Ep. 146 – Double Dipping

On tonight’s show: The Backlog Box gets refilled– but not before discussion of Disgaea: Hour of Darkness and Billy Hatcher and the Giant Egg, for PS2 and GameCube, respectively; along with tips on how you can improve your score in Pac-Man: Championship Edition, our Top Three Games We Disliked That Everyone Else Loved, and much more!


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Ep. 145 – It Seemed Funny At The Time

Boric and M.C. are back from the Midwest Gaming Classic and there will be plenty of discussion of that event on tonight’s show, including our Top Three Areas for Potential Improvement at MGC; but you’ll also hear about some of the latest games we’ve been playing, including Big Brain Academy for the Wii, Pac-Man Championship Edition, Ar Tonelico and many more!


Ep. 144 – Thar She Blows

A major storm system is slamming the Midwest tonight– best of luck to any who are in the path of this storm… For the rest of you, give thanks to your power companies for hanging in there long enough for you to download tonight’s episode of Broadcast Gamer! On tonight’s show: As this weekend’s Midwest Gaming Classic approaches, Boric and M.C. discuss their Top Three Road Trip games; there is RPG discussion aplenty, both within and outside of the Backlog Box; and Devil May Gripe rounds out the show this week.


Ep. 143 – XII Am XII

Without adequate time to prepare a news segment, we’re focusing on gaming discussion and listener feedback for this episode– and for once, we’ve got plenty of both! Enjoy this episode, and we’ll be back next week with a more full-featured installment.


Ep. 142 – Poplar Street

On tonight’s episode: All the Sony news you can handle (and then some), plus new information about Guitar Hero’s 2007 lineup and much more! Boric and I discuss his continuing experience with numerous Wii games and my own experiences with the PS3; plus the Backlog Box, Weekly Top Three, and a new segment called Devil May Gripe. If you like the new segment, please let us know!


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Ep. 141 – I Gotta Believe

On this week’s show: a ridiculous amount of news concerning Halo 3, new Square Enix properties, upcoming PS3 games, and financial results from some of the biggest names in the industry; plus the Backlog Box, thoughts on Settlers of Catan and Eets Chowdown, and a whole lot more!


Thanks to Matt and Todd from the excellent Short Attention Gamer podcast for the Guitar Hero 2 bit in tonight’s episode.

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Ep. 140 – WGAF

The latest news, discussion of all things Warcraft, the Top Three Games Our Spider Sense Told Us Not To Buy And Then We Did It Anyway, and more– on this latest episode of Broadcast Gamer!


Ep. 137 – The Worst One Yet

Swamped with work and tied up for all of Easter weekend, I had no time to prepare for tonight’s show. Thankfully, Boric did prepare– but that didn’t stop us from recording the most God-awful episode of Broadcast Gamer to date.